Moving Your Household & Furniture ~ Why Hire a Professional Mover?

Moving isn't simply a matter of packing your belongings and transporting them from one place to another and then un-packing at another location. Moving can be very stressful when done on your own and takes a lot of planning, preparation and execution which be most properly done by trained and experienced professional. Moving by yourself is not as easy as it may seem. In most cases, hiring a professional mover is a much better idea.
Here are several reasons why.

1) They have experience moving furniture, boxes and specialty items, so you are less likely to have any damage.

2) They know how to lift heavy boxes and furniture. Doing so on your own can cause you injury. Professional movers are insured for any injury, which can occur to one of their moving team.

3) They move quickly. If time is of the essence, this is the way to go. If you move by yourself you may have to take off from work and/or use vacation time.

4) They arrive with several people, a truck and all the packing and wrapping materials they will need. Renting or buying is expensive.

5) If you wish, professional movers can help pack your entire home or just those items you're not comfortable packing yourself.

6) Most professional movers can, if need be, provide temporary storage for your household goods.

7) If you are selling the house from which you are moving, many movers can provide pods storage which allows you to unclutter your home for staging, while your possessions stay "with" you.

8) Professional movers' services are required by law to offer basic liability cargo coverage for clients' goods. Most of the moving services offer full value replacement options for an additional charge.

9) You might assume that doing the move yourself is the cheapest option, but you well might discover that the best and even less expensive option is to hire a professional moving company.

10) They have the experience and know how to custom package and move your valuables. So, do your homework. Get estimates. Ask for recommendations. Hire an experienced company with a good track record. Then, hire a professional to provide the services that will make your move less stressful, easier and often less expensive than doing it on your own.

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