Customized Event Lighting
A Cost-Effective Way to Set Mood, Tone and Theme

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The neon lights of New York City and Las Vegas, the flashing light of a Disco ball are just two examples of how lighting can set mood, tone, and theme. The movie and photography industries have known for a long time how important the proper lighting can be and more recently wedding and event planners have realized that the same is true in their industry.

The scope of lighting runs the gamut from ambient lighting to special effects lighting. In the hands of a professional, when used creatively, lights can be a pivotal part of your wedding's décor. There are basically two types of event lighting, Conventional Lighting and Intelligent Lighting.

Conventional Lighting refers to static lighting such as that which is directed up a wall, or column, spotlighting a centerpiece, accenting structural details by projecting patterns on walls or ceilings. Chandelier Lighting, for example, can be used to create an elegant ambiance. A system of cables is used to hang the chandeliers virtually anywhere within a tent. Consider the mood effects possible for your first dance, for your entrance and introduction as "Mr. & Mrs.," a soft spotlight for your father-daughter dance, club-like lighting to punch up, or tone down your musical selections and so much more.

For outdoor weddings that will use a tent, the transformation that lighting can bring about is absolutely amazing. The raw white canvas of the tent becomes the medium upon which the lighting professional can transformation blank to dramatically beautiful. Wiring can be "magically" blended into the tent canopy.

Intelligent Lighting refers to computer directed lighting that makes combinations of colors and patterns to "paint" an area such as a dance floor. Using advanced computer lighting technology, your lighting specialist can create a wide range of effects for your wedding, from dramatic, concert lighting to romantic "highlighting" and the best part is that everything is behind the scenes and unobtrusive while having a major impact on your guests and your event.

Lighting can well be one of the best "investments" you will make, because it can be used in any size space. For a large space it can be employed relatively inexpensively to decorate an area, which, if decorated traditionally, would require many decorative elements and materials. Lighting can be used to play up, or play down structural details of a venue. It can draw the focus and attention of your guests' away from features that are not so desirable such as blank walls and "old" carpeting and refocus their attention to a positive element, such as table centerpieces pinpointed with mini-spots, or a dance floor awash in color.

Don't forget to ask you lighting professional about these options:

  • Haze and Fog Machines
  • Strobe Lighting Laser Light Show
  • Multi-Colored Beams on the Dance Floor
  • Sound-Activated Strobe
  • Chinese Paper Lanterns internally lit with computer controlled LED

    Remember when setting the budget for your wedding that through the use of lighting you gain a great deal of control of the mood that your space evokes and keep in mind that mood can be changed as quickly as the flick of a switch. Lighting can help to focus your guests' attention, add color and drama to your event and add many elements of fun to your wedding.

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