Not for the Size Four Bride
Wedding Gown Tips for Plus Size Woman

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The fashion industry had already begun to design styles for Plus Size women, a target market they found very lucrative. Magazine covers continue to feature size four models, but what has radically changed, is that the fashion industry and the general public understand that these models are not representative of the "average" woman. Enter the bridal attire manufacturer. The wedding attire industry has finally come on board and realizes that just because a woman is not a size four, doesn't mean that she is not style-conscious. Wedding gown designers have homed in on this message and are now providing the same fit, fashionable style and to the over-size-12 market.

Fashion designers are making an even greater effort to accommodate the fuller figured bride by creating figure flattering gowns that make these women feel good inside and out. The industry has discovered that brides are okay with the fact that they will be paying a somewhat higher price, because they appreciate and understand that more fabric is used and the particular specs for constructing the gown are different. The higher cost is offset by their being able to find a gown with the same style and quality of those designed for the slimmer figure. Even bridal magazines have finally picked up on that part of the market and fuller figure models are appearing with regularity in the magazines.

Albeit fuller figure gowns are available in larger selection in shops, as a fuller figured bride, you would do well to go forearmed with several tips as you begin your search:

1. Look for a gown that accents your positive features. Stand in front of a full-length mirror and do as unbiased a look over as possible. Seek input form close and true friends. Your best features can be a great décolletage, long and lovely legs, a look long, sleek back, or any number of other "good points." Find them and select a gown that accents those features. Once you have found such a gown, make sure you try it on in front of a mirror that allows you to see yourself from every angle.

2. Take the advice of experienced sales people who have seen dresses on hundreds of brides and are very familiar with the gowns they stock. Remember that in the final analysis, you are the one who needs to feel comfortable in the gown you select.

3. Let your fingers do the walking, by calling the shops you plan to visit. Inquire as to whether they stock gowns in larger sizes. Trying a gown in a size much smaller than yours will not give you an accurate picture of how the gown will look in your size. You may find that shops stock sizes larger than yours, so they can "pull in" the gown to give you a better idea of how it will fit.

4. Budget for alterations. For most brides, with gowns in every size, alterations are almost always needed and not always included in the price. If your gown requires "major" alterations, you may wish to speak directly to the seamstress who will be doing the work and get her input.

5. It's what's underneath . . . good, well-fitted, supportive, comfortable undergarments are an absolute must. Whatever size you are, there is no substitute for the correct undergarments. When you shop for your undergarments, look for smooth, clean lines. Find out the store's policy on returns, so you don't get stuck. Try your gown on with the undergarments you purchased, Get feedback from your sale's person and, if you can, from the seamstress.

6. Select accessories that compliment your gown. Shoes and jewelry should not overshadow your gown, but rather accent it. Pay less attention to what's in style and more to what looks good on you and with your gown. Make sure that whatever you pick is comfortable. If your budget will allow, buy two pairs of shoes, so you can switch and give your feet a break.

What's most important in this process is for you to keep in mind that every bride is beautiful in her own way. Take the time and effort that purchasing a wedding gown deserves. Don't allow yourself to be talked into what doesn't feel right. The bottom line is that you need to feel good about yourself, regardless of your size!

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