Giving Your Guests Advance Notice

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Today's wedding couples are planning their weddings months (and even years) in advance. Many are planning destination weddings which involve not just an afternoon or evening, but an entire weekend. Some are planning weddings really far away from home in places to which they have moved or because they have found the "ideal" wedding occasion, but it happens to be miles from most family and friends.

In the past, rules of etiquette prescribed that invitations be sent out between three and eight weeks before the event, with six weeks being the norm. When a couple decides on a far-away location or on a destination wedding, this time schedule has too often resulted in disappointing "no's" from family and friends who just "didn't have enough time" to make appropriate arrangements (time off, travel plans, reservations, etc.).

As a result, a novel new tradition has been born, called a "Save The Date Letter." The letter, mailed as much as six months before the wedding date, is a way to give guests as much notice as they may need to make appropriate arrangements which will allow them to share the wedding day. Because people in general are becoming busier and busier, even brides with more traditional wedding locations have picked up on the letter in a attempt to ensure that as many of their family and friends as possible will be able to attend their wedding.

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