How to Decide Your Wedding Style
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There are almost as many choices for the style of weddings as there are different personalities of brides and grooms. A wedding is, at its core, a celebration. The kind of event you plan should fit with who you are. Keeping that in mind will make planning easier, and the event flow more naturally. Give yourself ample time to think about what makes you comfortable, and to look at wedding sites and styles before you make your decision.

Here are some basic questions you might ask yourself to help you focus on what you really want for your wedding style:
Do you want a formal or informal wedding? How large an affair are you comfortable with? Remember that the larger the number of guests the less intimate the celebration. Are you committed to a Saturday evening wedding or would a midweek suit you better? Friday evening dinners, Sunday brunches, and midweek weddings are particularly popular for cost-conscious couples. Midweek weddings, especially in the summer, make it easier for guests to attend. June weekends tend to be booked solid and guests often find it necessary to choose between affairs.

Should you decide that you would like an outdoor wedding or an outdoor component to your indoor wedding, today's rental companies can provide a full array of equipment. You can choose from a variety of tents (classic, frame, ultra formal, pop up), tables (in all sizes), chairs (in all levels of formality), china (in many styles and patterns), flatware, glassware, linens (from formal to fanciful) and lighting (from tiki torches and halogen spots to stringer and pedestal lights).

Rental companies may also provide catering equipment (for your or your caterer's use . . . from coffee urns and pots to chafing dishes and coolers. There is almost no limit to the kinds of equipment that can be rented, but rentals are an area in which you must be especially careful about dealing with a reputable firm. Don't be embarrassed to ask for references and testimonials. Equipment that has not been maintained and serviced well can ruin your party.Should you decide that you would like an outdoor wedding or an outdoor component to your indoor wedding, today's rental companies can provide a full array of equipment.

At what time of day do you want your affair to be held? Afternoon weddings make it easier for guests who are traveling from a distance and for those who are inviting youngsters. As for children, you will need to decide whether or not you wish to include children and/or teens in the event and/or the wedding party. Children add a delicious flavor, but they come with associated problems.

Is your guest list a Combo List (people I really want, people I need to return an invitation to, business obligations)? The people-mix will, of necessity, influence the style of your wedding.

You will also need to decide what kind of ambiance you are looking to achieve. There are many choices: informal or formal, theme-related or traditional, music for listening/dancing or both, civil or religious ceremony, civilian or military, indoors or outdoors or both, intimate or grandiose, large hall, intimate room, at-home, hotel, private club, wedding emporium, or eclectic.

Your choice with regard to the type of meal you will be serving will also influence the style of your wedding (see "Choosing and Working With Your Caterer").In general terms, keep in mind that sit-down dinners are the most formal. Buffets are a little less formal, but can also be quite elegant. The multi-course dinner can be replaced by cocktail receptions, where your guests may enjoy a combination of hot and cold hors d'oeuvres that are passed by wait persons. This can be complimented by stations serving carved items, pasta bars, sushi tables, and other bite-sized foods. Another alternative that can be tailored to the tighter budget is an appetizer only party.

Take the time to ask yourself these questions. Talk to people who know you and care about you. Take into consideration what you (the bride and groom) want, but also what those closest to you want.

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